The Collective Liquidity Fund

Aliya and Collective Liquidity: A Partnership for Innovation in Venture Secondaries

At Aliya Capital Partners, we are proud to partner with Collective Liquidity, co-managing a fund dedicated to late-stage venture secondaries. This partnership aligns with our mission to provide innovative investment solutions and our commitment to creating value in the venture ecosystem.

Our collaboration with Collective Liquidity allows us to offer our investors unique opportunities in late-stage venture capital. Together, we leverage our combined expertise to identify and invest in high-potential companies, offering our investors a diversified approach to venture secondaries.

This joint venture is more than an investment opportunity; it’s a strategic alignment of two firms committed to redefining the landscape of late-stage venture investments. Through this partnership, we aim to deliver unparalleled access and insights, enhancing value for our investors and the broader venture community.

Here are a few key metrics supporting our partnership:

Substantial Market

Late-stage venture is a significant and profitable asset class, with US unicorns having an aggregate market cap of $3 trillion.

Performance Edge

Venture capital outperforms equities over the long term, with a substantial return rate of 2.5x compared to 40% for NASDAQ US VC.

Private Market Dominance

87% of all tech companies with revenue over $100M are private.

Family Office Interest

Average US family office allocation to venture capital is 26%.

Growth Potential

The Collective Liquidity Fund serves as an ETF of unicorns, offering quarterly redemptions and a discount to the latest round.

These statistics underline the strategic significance and potential of the Aliya and Collective Liquidity partnership in the venture capital secondary market.