We are Aliya

Alternative Alpha.

Soaring Beyond: Alternative Investments Redefined.

The name Aliya denotes elevation. From a bird’s-eye view we benefit from the perspective required to generate alpha for generations to come. We are Aliya.

About Us

A history of innovation.

We represent and manage an exclusive community of families investing together with the aim of creating something rare: limitless value.

Our Team


Family Office

We share a common vision.

Whether it is managing the capital of our family office, advisory services, or discretionary fund management, we tirelessly strive to provide added value. We share a common vision with our partners, professional staff, and member families in dedication to the highest level of ethical service and maximal results, guided by two principals:

Unbiased integrity

We fight for the best use of the capital we manage. As a matter of strict practice, we put our capital only into opportunities that provide the most compelling investment rationale.

Comprehensive Service

At Aliya we see the family office going far beyond sourcing, researching, evaluating, and investing. We advise our partners, co-invest alongside other leading family offices and legendary investors, and manage discretionary funds in niche alternative strategies.

We Are Aliya

We don’t just watch our capital. We are committed to watching it grow over the long term.

Our Guiding Pillars Include:

  • Diversification
  • Risk Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Cost Sensitivity
  • Liquidity
  • Humility


We’re on the hunt for value.

Our dedicated team of affiliated analysts watch markets many have never heard of, always with an eye to take advantage of opportunities as they appear.


We live during historic times.

The Century of Disruption has forever changed the way we do business, consume, and connect. Innovative and disruptive companies are quickly becoming the norm. We are tirelessly researching and discovering our own ever-growing proprietary list of tomorrow’s winners, today.

We are not complacent. We are not passive.

We are disruptive.

Sports Finance

The future of sports is bright.

Aliya provides U.S. professional athletes with alternative financing solutions, placing primary emphasis on risk management and consistent returns. Our goal is to help athletes achieve liquidity when traditional financing is not available. The strategy benefits from an emphasis on fundamental, bottom up credit analysis and strong, longstanding industry relationships.

  • Disciplined Underwriting
  • Low Default Rates
  • Asymmetrical Risk/Reward

Leste Group

We’ve teamed up with Leste.

We have teamed with Leste Group, a market-leading alternative investments platform focused on delivering consistent and superior risk-adjusted returns. Leste’s bespoke investment solutions span the globe, and utilize a wide range of strategies covering:

  • Public Markets
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • Structured Credit
  • Litigation Finance

Find out more at Leste.com


We are Aliya.